two of the most recognized quality and food safety certifications in the world

At PERE VENTURA FAMILY WINE STATES, safety and commitment to our employees, customers and consumers is a priority. We strive every day to maintain quality and excellence in everything we do, and in this sense, official certifications are a guarantee. That is why when these certifications are achieved, the satisfaction of the entire winery is considerable because it gives us credibility as a company and gives us the conviction that we are doing things right.

In this way, PERE VENTURA has just renewed the BRC and IFS  certifications one more year, two of the most recognized quality and food safety certifications in the world, which gives us security and transparency in our production processes and in the wines we sell, guaranteeing legality, quality and safety.



Both certifications, BRC (British Retail Consortium) and  IFS (International Food Standard),  establish rules of common application for the entire food industry, with evaluation criteria that include the manufacturer’s facilities, operating systems and all procedures. In addition, they provide the ability to seek the continuous improvement of production processes, generating new reductions in costs and time. They also make it possible to manage potential risks to food safety in a more direct and agile way, as well as establishing complete control of allergens and possible intolerances.

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