About us

The family-based PERE VENTURA FAMILY WINE ESTATES produces and markets its own wines and cavas (sparkling wines), which are known worldwide for their great quality and prestige. The company works hard every day to guarantee excellence both in the winery and in its wines. The company’s maxim is to remain true to its principles, to its sales commitments and to fulfill all its duties and business challenges the twenty-first century throws at it.

The founder

Pere Ventura

Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, Barcelona — 1961

He is a distinguished businessman in the wine sector and a good example of a self-made man. He is married  and has four children. He comes from a family closely linked to the wine trade and has dedicated his whole life to creating his own companies and to acquiring and adding value to his vineyard estates.

Today, he is the owner of different wineries and vineyard estates in four Designations of Origin (Wine Appellations) all located in Catalonia, in north-eastern Spain.


“I have created PERE VENTURA FWE based on a declaration of principles.
Those of us who are part of it, fulfill and respect these principles.”

— Pere Ventura


We value and respect our land. We respect those, who work to care for it with their own hands. We work according to organic farming criteria.

You can be assured that good practice and respect for the work done take priority in the PVFWE vineyards and wineries.

  • The growers working on the PERE VENTURA FWE vineyards are local people who know the land and put great effort and pride into taking care of it. Their work is respected and valued above everything else.
  • All the estates are non-irrigated and those where there is a risk of overproduction, a covering of vegetation is used as a self-regulating production method.
  • There is little interference with the vines as we prefer to respect each vineyard’s own ecology.
  • The few treatments applied follow the criteria of organic farming and integrated management. Most effort is concentrated on the use of preventive methods to stave off fungal diseases (mildew, botrytis, etc.), and through a stringent control of the use of vegetation coverings, fertilizers are kept to a minimum.
  • In all PERE VENTURA FWE vineyards, pruning, leaf-thinning and green pruning is performed.
  • To ensure the grapes ripen correctly, excess grapes are often pulled from the vines on the onset of veraison (ripening).
  • Weeds are controlled by employing cultural practices that avoid using machinery whenever possible to minimize soil compaction and gas emissions.
  • In the controlled vineyards, we guarantee long-term contracts for all local wine growers.
  • We hold all local varieties used in each protected designation of origin wine in great respect, since they endow our wines and cavas with a distinct identity.


Our companies are founded on strong moral values. These values relate to a certain attitude, which denotes commitment in the workplace and a job well done. We are honest with the people who believe in us and the products we offer our consumers reflect this honesty too.

The values which define the essence and PVFWE’s reason for being are:

  • Integrity and commitment, the key virtues of the wineries that belong to the group.
  • Respect for the unique character of each winery and each collection of wines.
  • An appreciation for and the honouring of all the work of each team of growers. Their contribution is at the heart of PVFWE.
  • Honesty and loyalty to our customers and remaining faithful and respectful to our buyers.
  • A sense of social responsibility and a firm pledge to protect the environment.
  • An appreciation for the heritage and the legacy that is the sum of the know-how, experience and tradition of our wineries.
  • Only people and new companies who live up to these virtues are permitted to form part of the group.

Sustainable methods

We only understand and accept work, which complies with sustainable methods.

At PERE VENTURA FWE we believe that working in a sustainable manner is a chief responsibility for businesses this century and it is a practice we follow.
In the vineyards and in the wineries.

  • The use of fuels, water and electricity is minimised as far as possible.
  • We buy from local suppliers to keep transport to a minimum and adhere to practices recommended to obtain a reduced carbon footprint.
  • At grape harvest time, the grapes are picked by hand at the break of day to save energy on cooling the grapes when they are brought into the winery.
  • We work to optimize energy use as much as possible to curtail gases and CO2.
  • We work to the principle of eco-sustainability by making the most of natural daylight to light the work areas in our offices.
  • We practice organic farming and integrated pest and disease management.
  • By building most of our wineries underground we ensure that the wines are maintained at the right temperature naturally and this also helps to avoid the visual contamination of the landscape.


We carry out rigorous and careful checks throughout the wine production process, in order to guarantee the high quality of our products. We comply with our corporate social responsibilities.

  • We guarantee the control and quality of our wines through traceability. We store information about each of our production, storage and distribution processes which enables us to react swiftly and effectively to any event.
  • At all our wineries, there is continuous investment and ongoing improvements are implemented to guarantee the very best quality.
  • We have been awarded the major certificates of quality at their highest score: I.F.S., B.R.C, I.S.O.22000.
  • We are aware of how our companies play an active role in generating wealth, employment and quality products and services.
  • We are committed to engendering a new work culture that ensures a work/life balance for our employees, between their professional responsibilities and their home and family life. We are striving to become a model family-responsible group.
  • Every day we strive towards competitive development and the satisfaction of our customers.
  • We have pledged to abide by the ethical code that governs our companies, based on integrity, honesty, responsibility and commitment.
  • In line with CSR criteria, we aim to live up to our responsible and charitable ethos by providing for the social inclusion of disabled people, who form part of our teams.

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