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We only make internationally acclaimed “Vins de Finca” (single vineyard) wines and high end cava (sparkling) wines. All the wineries, which today make up the group, base their work ethic on PVFWE values. These wineries are synonymous with prestige and are a regional brand.


Grape varieties used by PERE VENTURA FWE to produce Cava and wines


Hectares of vineyards owned and overseen by PERE VENTURA FWE


Number of Gold Medals that PERE VENTURA FWE has obtained during 2019


Date of the oldest plot of the Group

DO Cava

PERE VENTURA was created in 1992 and became known as the foundation stone for PVFWE. Pere Ventura is the founder of this winery in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia (Barcelona), which takes his name and makes sparkling wines under the auspices of DO Cava. It is one of the most exclusive companies in the wine sector, synonym of elegance, style and prestige. The PERE VENTURA brand is different, original and unique. It portrays an inimitable image, which speaks for itself in terms of the product and values which have inspired it: quality, elegance, distinction and prestige.

DO Penedès

PVFWE acquired CAN BAS in 2011. The initial aim was based on preserving and disseminating the historical legacy of one of the most important vineyard estates in the Penedès wine appellation. This is coupled with the desire to protect this estate, seeped in history, for future generations. CAN BAS is committed to the land, to its people and to its heritage. It is also facing up to the challenge of developing this sleeping beauty of the past, in order to make authentic terroir wines.

DOQ Priorat

PVFWE came to the Priorat wine region in 2013 and to be more precise, to Porrera. This is where the conditions for making wine are exceptional. The wines at MERVM PRIORATI are made with grapes from the winery’s own vineyards, which cover 123 Hectares (303 acres) of land. With renewed spirit, based on overcoming obstacles and paying attention to and caring for the land, as well as perfection in the workplace, this winery is now making wines of the highest of qualities.

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