Reinforcing its commitment and support for the work of these professionals and their contribution to the promotion of wine culture

Pere Ventura Family Wine Estates is pleased to announce its participation as an international sponsor of one of the prizes of “Top 100 Sommeliers” competition, which recognizes the excellence and dedication of these sommelier  professionals

This contest, which this year will celebrate its second edition in the United Kingdom and the first in Spain, is organized by Sommelier Edit, an English digital publication dedicated to promoting the community of sommeliers.

With this collaboration, Pere Ventura and Mervm Priorati wineries reinforce their support for the profession and especially for female sommeliers, as they will be the sponsors in the United Kingdom and Spain respectively of the “Top 5 Female Sommeliers” category within the annual ranking of “Top 100 Sommeliers”. This category recognizes the best female sommeliers in each country, highlighting the talent and dedication of women in the world of wine.

The contribution of female sommeliers is an essential part of the identity of Pere Ventura Family Wine Estates wineries, as there are four female sommeliers in their technical and hospitality teams who work permanently as brand ambassadors and develop commercial support activities and attention to professional visits.

Pere Ventura, president and founder of Pere Ventura Family Wine Estates, has expressed his satisfaction with the participation and involvement in the contest: “Supporting Top 5 Female Sommeliers isn’t just about raising a glass of wine; it’s about elevating an entire industry through the invaluable contributions of sommeliers, whose expertise and passion breathe life into the world of wine. As sponsor, we couldn’t be happier to be part of this initiative.”


Photographies by Klaids Lielbiksis


The first edition of “Top 100 Sommeliers” was held in the United Kingdom in May 2023 and, following its success and popularity among wine service professionals in the restaurant sector, the organizers have teamed up with renowned Spanish sommelier Agustín Trapero to bring the initiative to his home country.

Candidates for Top 100 Sommeliers will be evaluated and judged by a panel of expert and highly respected professionals from the hospitality and wine sector, such as Pedro Ballesteros MW or Sarah Jane Evans MW, who will take into account a combination of factors including experience and seniority, current responsibility and management, and achievements and recognition obtained by each sommelier. The results will be announced during the month of May 2024.

Pere Ventura (DO Cava) and Mervm Priorati (DOQ Priorat), together with Can Bas Domini Vinícola winery (DO Penedès), are part of PERE VENTURA FAMILY WINE ESTATES.




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