As proof of its commitment to the environmental responsibility

Pere Ventura has obtained certification for the calculation of the water footprint in accordance with the Water Footprint Assessment standards defined by ISO 14046, which ensures a comprehensive and reliable evaluation of water-related impacts throughout the life cycle of a product or service, specifically related to cultivation on their own farms, the manufacturing, and sale of cava.

Water is a scarce resource, essential for life. It is also a strategic asset that carries risks. In the process of achieving this certification issued by BUREAU VERITAS, Pere Ventura has made it possible to reduce water consumption, thus mitigating the environmental impact of activities carried out at the winery. Thus, for example, a closed circuit was installed from a water recovery bath, obtaining savings in water consumption of 1,859 m3. Reducing water consumption implies needing less treatment capacity, entails discharging less residual flow, favors the reduction of the cubic capacity necessary to size a wastewater treatment plant and reduces the cost item.

The water footprint is a measure that assesses the impact of an activity or product on freshwater resources, considering both direct and indirect consumption. Certification of the water footprint in accordance with the Water Footprint Assessment Manual standards involves following a series of steps and guidelines established by this recognized methodology. First, organizations must create a detailed inventory of their water consumption, taking into account both water used directly in their operations and water used in their supply chain.

Once the inventory is complete, it is necessary to assess the impact of this water consumption on water resources, considering factors such as availability, quality, and equity. The methodology of the Water Footprint Assessment Manual standards allows for the calculation of the total water footprint and its breakdown into categories such as green water (rainwater for plants), blue water (surface and groundwater extraction), and grey water (contaminated water during the process). This provides a comprehensive view of the water impact of an organization’s operations.

Obtaining the water footprint certification is a clear indicator of the sensitivity that Pere Ventura has always shown for the care, preservation and protection of the environment.


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