Unveiling Pere Ventura Vintage Rosé 2013: a unique rosé from an exceptional vintage

Few rosé sparklings can be found with such long aging: 43 months on the less. This achievement can only be accomplished thanks to the very origin of the Vintage Rosé: the best plot to grow Pinot Noir in the southern coast of Barcelona.

Pere Ventura Vintage Rosé GR Brut 2013 was born in one of the most outstanding vintages that we can remember. 2013 was labeled as Excellent for the Cava Regulator Bureau and this fabulous estimations are just coming out now.

Vintage Rosé 2013 is a vintage cava, made 100% of Pinot Noir, from a limited edition, and born in the mountain range of Garraf, at an average altitude of 211 meters. With a Mediterranean climate, this terroir has poor, certainly calcareous and with little water retention capacity.

VINTAGE ROSÉ GR BRUT 2013 was made using two production processes. The wine maker Sebastià Galimany shares with us that we are vatting over different lengths of time, from direct pressing to up to 8 hours before pressing: looking for floral profiles in the short-term vatted musts and fruitier ones in the longer vatted musts.

Galimany remarks the new, clean and shining pink salmon appearance of Vintage Rosé and its petal and strawberry tree complex notes resulting from this outstading 2013. Vintage Rosé GR Brut 2013 is already out and limited to 4.845 bottles.

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