Pere Ventura Vendrell (Sant Sadurní d’Anoia 1961) is a man of spirit and talent, impeccable bearing, clear ideas and great determination. A good and very human person, behind whom hides a born entrepreneur, a great conversationalist and a skillful analyst.

Pere Ventura is passionate about the order, a lover of beauty and a protector of Penedès, the territory where he was born. He is interested in economics, travel, sailing and reading; he practices solidarity and altruistic help and is a great devotee and protector of the family. He has always had a humanistic vision of the business world and this approach has been the basis on which he founded PERE VENTURA  in 1992 and the rest of his wineries.


Pere Ventura’s family has a deep link with the history of cava. He is the fourth generation of the family involved in the business of cava elaboration. At the end of the 19th century, the great-grandfather Manuel Montserrat i Font was the protagonist of the birth of the first sparkling wine made in Spain according to the Champenoise method. In the 1920s his grandfather, Pere Ventura Peracaula, distinguished himself as one of the most reputable oenologists of the time. His privileged training and professional experience contributed to modernizing cava production techniques, setting quality standards of the future family business.

Finally, his father, Jaume Ventura Montserrat continued to work with the same enthusiasm and educated the new generation in respect for a job well done. It was he himself who transmitted to his son some values ​​that forged in Pere Ventura the vitivinicultural vocation and also the necessary wisdom to consolidate the work started by his predecessors.

With this heritage, Pere Ventura has forged a company, a philosophy and a way of doing things according to the new times. In their cellars exclusivity is the priority. Its production is governed by a double requirement: innovation and quality, because for Pere Ventura heritage is not only what you receive, but above all what you are willing to offer.

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