guaranteeing the commitment of our wineries to touristic sustainability

PERE VENTURA and CAN BAS DOMINI VINÍCOLA have just renewed the Biosphere Sustainable Tourism certification for the sixth consecutive year, thus joining the destinations committed to tourism sustainability and continuous improvement to help fight climate change. This certification is a recognition of the commitment we have as a company to develop a tourist activity that meets all the sustainable development requirements established by the United Nations.

The seal, created in 2017, was promoted by the Barcelona Provincial Council, the Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR) and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, with the aim of recognizing entities in the tourism field that work for a respectful management of the environment, culture and social and economic return to the territory. A will that fits with the growing concern for sustainability both on the part of tourism agents and travelers.

As a company we are committed and feel a deep respect for our surroundings, our land and the environment. For this reason, the wine tourism activity carried out in our Pere Ventura and Can Bas Domini Vinícola wineries promotes environmental responsibility not only from the inside as a company, but also from the outside, towards our visitors and customers.

Wine tourism visits to the Pere Ventura and Can Bas wineries are closely linked to enjoying the surroundings and the Penedès landscape. For this reason, we care for and act on the landscape without breaking its essential character, without eliminating the features that give it historical continuity, because we know that the landscape has social, cultural, historical, spiritual and aesthetic values ​​that must be preserved.

Thus, in 2016 an ambitious landscape sanitation project was carried out, removing and burying 37 electricity and telephone towers on the Can Bas Domini Vinícola estate, thus recovering the visual beauty of the landscape damaged by the hand of man throughout the times.

As a company we love the environment of our properties, which is the natural habitat of a great diversity of native flora and fauna. Let the species that flourish, those that nest, those that hibernate, and those that have made our vineyards their home, live fully.

The forests that embrace the surroundings of our wineries are a natural heritage and we take good care of them. We take special care of the species in danger of extinction, the centuries-old stone pines, the oaks and all the undergrowth and the animals that take refuge in them. The torrents and streams that cross the Penedès estates are essential for the good drainage of our vineyards, and we also take them very much into account.

Pere Ventura and Can Bas Domini Vinícola, together with the Merum Priorati winery (DOQ Priorat) are part of the PERE VENTURA FAMILY WINE ESTATES group.

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