Pere Ventura Anniversary 2013 a gran reserva to celebrate the first 25th vintages of the most international sparkling of Pere Ventura

In 1993 was born the first vintage of Tresor and Pere Ventura will celebrate during 2018 the first 25 vintages of this Classic cava

Tresor Anniversary Gran Reserva 2013 is born from a natural evolution from the Tresor Reserva, the most emblematic and renowned sparkling from Pere Ventura. Tresor Anniversary is complex and elegant thanks to its more than 40 months of ageing in our undergrown galleries. Tresor Anniversary’s Xarel·lo is entirely sourced from Pere Ventura’s Estate, in the Alt Penedès county.

Tresor Anniversary is a pure gift entirely possible because of the outstanding quality and further evolution of the Xarel·lo native grape from 2013. After years of research, tastings and vintage comparatives done by our winemaker team, from vintages since 1993 kept in our underground Chapel, they noticed its outstanding longevity capacities that lead Pere Ventura extending Tresor’s ageing for a minimum of 41 months.

Tresor Anniversary Gran Reserva is a new edition from 2013 vintage limited to 19.656 bottles, exclusively designed by Pere Ventura, showing the disgorgement date as a committement with time.

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