Vintage Rosé 2012 representing the Cava category Rosé Gran Reserva at Heistermanns’ last tasting in Germany

Yvonne Heistermann conducted a tasting with Vintage Rosé 2012 to gastronomers and sommeliers under the motto “Cava beats them all” last month in Berlin

Sommelier and Spain expert Yvonne Heistermann guided through the tasting “10 Wines – 10 Dishes” and gave – together with Rolling Taste chef Moritz Crone-Rawe – tips for exciting, innovative and unexpected combinations. Sparkling pleasure offered this year’s star guest Cava. Under the motto “Cava beats them all” all dishes were additionally tasted with a distinguished selection of premium Cavas. In this exciting comparison, ten wines and four sparkling wines, old patterns were broken and surprising food partners discovered.

Pere Ventura Vintage Rosé 2012 is a 100% Pinot Noir coming from the mountain range in the Garraf area, which has been rated as ‘Excellent’ by Guía Peñin 2017.

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