Reinforcing its commitment to environmental responsibility

Pere Ventura has just obtained certification for the calculation of the carbon footprint in accordance with the standards of the European regulatory framework GHG Protocol for the activities of cultivation, manufacture and sale of cava issued by Bureau Veritas. Likewise, Pere Ventura appears as a company registered in the Catalan Government’s Office for Climate Change which is in charge of promoting strategies, plans and projects in the field of climate change.

With this certification, Pere Ventura reinforces its commitment to environmental responsibility, making it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the environmental impact of the activity carried out in the winery.

The certification of the carbon footprint in accordance with the GHG Protocol standards means following  rigorous and demanding steps and guidelines according to ISO 14067 standard. Initially, an exhaustive inventory of greenhouse gas emissions must be carried out, including the direct and indirect emissions related to the activity itself that can be certified. This means considering emissions from energy consumption, employee commuting, business travel, transportation activities, and any other relevant sources. This measure allows to have a clear and precise vision of the environmental impact generated by the company and to identify the main sources of emissions. In addition, the methodology used for this certification makes it possible to compare emissions with other companies in the same sector and assess environmental performance.

Carbon footprint certification not only allows to identify emissions, but also helps to detect opportunities for optimization and energy savings. Through emissions analysis, companies can distinguish inefficient processes and set emission reduction targets.

The measures taken at Pere Ventura to help reduce the environmental impact and make its business activity more sustainable have been the progressive incorporation of a fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as the training of different human teams in efficient driving courses Diesel boilers have also been replaced by biomass boilers and, at the electrical level, LED lighting has been installed and electricity supply has been contracted with GDO (Renewable Origin Guarantee), among other measures.

Obtaining carbon footprint certification is a clear indicator of the concern and sensitivity that Pere Ventura has always shown for the care, preservation and protection of the environment, flora and fauna, forests and streams that surround their estates, the well-being of the people who work in the winery and, ultimately, the firm will to leave a better environment, land and planet for future generations.

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