Tresor Club by Pere Ventura. The exclusive Wine Club for wine lovers

TRESOR CLUB by Pere Ventura is a private wine club, the meeting point for wine lovers where, in addition to learning and enjoying this exciting world, members will have access to the singular, unique and exclusive universe of PERE VENTURA’s wines at its best.

TRESOR CLUB is the mirror of the reality of three wineries of the same property: Pere Ventura, Mervm Priorati and Can Bas Domini Vinícola and offers excellent priorities to its members by giving them access to our wine collections, new and historical vintages, to the limited editions as well as to the visits to the winery and to the gastronomic and cultural events that take place in our cellars.


You can be a member of TRESOR CLUB exclusively through membership and it is especially indicated for wine lovers who value quality above all and who like to be involved in the culture, history and knowledge of this exciting world.


With  TRESOR CLUB, PERE VENTURA wants to remark the commitment with the most demanding consumers by offering them exceptional wines that have been elaborated and cared for a long time with respect and love and to encourage them to discover the excellence of a well done work, for over 30 years.




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