Monreal selected as one of the most ‘interesting red wines from the Penedès’

The catalan wine magazine ‘Cupatges’ publishes a new listing with 8 top single-grape red wines from the Penedès

Monreal 2014, the 100% old Cabernet Sauvignon from Can Bas Domini Viníocola introducing the newest article published by the Catalan Wine Magazine Cupatges. This feature presents the “8 single-grape red wines that everyone  should know very well”. The Catalan wine magazine highlights the importance of the red grape varieties in the Penedès wine region through a exhaustive listing of “8 top wines eflecting a journey through the different types of grapes cultivated in the area, from native to international”.

The article also notes that Monreal is a “complex, warm and supple wine” and remarks that this 100% Cabernet Sauvignon has a “great cellaring portential”.

You can read the whole article in Catalan language here.

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