MERUM PRIORATI heads Gilbert & Gaillard’s Top Spain Wine Selection

DESTÍ leads Gilbert & Gaillard’s list on the 100 Best Spanish Wines · Merum Priorati’s wines have been gold awarded with excellent scores in this year’s G & G International Challenge competition

Gilbert & Gaillard’s Tasting Panel has positioned Merum Priorati at the 1st place in its Top List on Best Spanish Wines 2018-2019. This is a selection of 100 awarded spanish wines -out of 1500 rated- by the Gilbert & Gaillard Annual International Challenge competition. Destí Sols Garnatxa 2016 leads this list with 96 points followed by Destí 2016 with 95 points.

Gilbert & Gaillard released the results of its Annual contest last April. The three wines that Merum Priorati submitted to the International Challenge competition received excellent scores: 94 points for Inici, 95 for Destí and 96 points for Destí Sols Garnatxa. Now it has included Destí Sols Garnatxa 2016 and Destí 2016 in its Top 100.


Destí Sols Garnatxa 2016: “A Priorat that will delight the most demanding wine-lovers

As its name indicates in catalan language, “Destí Only Grenache” is a 100% Grenache wine, but with grapes from two different plots which are vinified separately before being blended. Destí Sols Garnatxa is the utmost expression of Grenache, a very delicate, elegant wine.

Gilbert & Gaillard’s Panel of Taste describes Destí Sols Garnatxa 2016 as follows. “Bright garnet red. Engaging, rich nose of very ripe black fruit. Seductive palate combining delicacy and richness, with a tannic structure of great finesse underpinning its ample substance. This Priorat will delight the most demanding wine-lovers”.

As Merum Priorati’s winemaker Roger Oferil explains, “Destí Sols Garnatxa is passion for Grenache and its utmost expression and, as we know, one of the two mainstays in the red wines traditionally crafted in the region. This wine shows the best version of the different Grenaches which participate in Merum Priorati’s best blends. It is made from red Grenache grapes from the Les Escomelles and La Plana Marjot vineyards.”


Destí 2016: “A textbook Priorat

Destí 2016 is a blend of 60% red Grenache, 30% Carignan and 10% Syrah. Taking winemaker Roger Oferil’s words, “Destí is the energetic pulse of the terroir, the modern Priorat, a wine that expresses the potential of the region and of the varieties: Grenache and Carinyena.”

Destí 2016 is described by Gilbert & Gaillard’s Panel of Taste as a reference Priorat book: “Bright dark garnet. Distinguished, robust nose, notes of ripe black fruit and white pepper. Luscious, opulent palate of great complexity, with a fresh finish and very taut, ripe tannins. A textbook Priorat”.


International awareness

Years 2018 and 2019 are a counterpoint to Merum Priorati’s awareness abroad. These Priorat wines keep adding recognition at all international competitions, with gold medals in all contests since 2018. Besides Gilbert & Gaillard, these are: Grenaches du Monde, Decanter World Wine Awards, Mundus Vini, Sakura-Japan Women’s Wine Award, Berliner Wein Trophy and Peñín Guide to Spanish Wine. The wines are also garnering recognition from professionals in the industry, such as the renowned sommelier Andreas Larsson (Blind Tasted), who also gave them a rating over 90 points.


Merum Priorati’s overall contest results this 2019. Download


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