MERUM PRIORATI at the prestigious ESPAI PRIORAT 2017

ESPAI PRIORAT is the biennial wine event hold in the Priorat wine Region that gathers the most renowned worldwide wine experts in a three-day country exploration.

MERUM PRIORATI wines from PVFWE Group present in the next edition hold on May 22-24 in different locations in the Priorat, which is located 150 Km south from the Catalan capital of Barcelona.

During the event, the Priorat gathers together the most important wine experts, journalists and opinion leaders coming from very different countries such as Xina, USA, Australia, Switzerland, or Germany.

MERUM PRIORATI winemaking team will introduce and present the wines personally, together with the outstanding 20 Hectares Estate, and the State-of-the-Art Cellar in the village of Porrera.

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