Inici 2014 once again commended with a Gold Medal at prestigious ‘Mondial des Vins Extrêmes 2017’

The italian-based wine assiciation CERVIM promotes a wine competition since 2016 for wines cultivated in extreme terroirs only.

At Pere Ventura FWE we know very well the different terroirs that we need to face in every particular wine region. The Penedès area is mostly a flat terroir, that enjoys soils with generous organic matter making winegrowing very easy most of the times. In the Priorat, on the other hand, we face very different wine growing conditions: soils very poor in oragnic matter and ‘costers’ (or ‘steep slopes’ in Catalan language) that require harder work resulting with significant less vine producion per hectare.

Those significant differences among the wine world areas, led the italian associacion CERVIM to promote a wine competition for wines grown in difficult, montainous areas only.

 Mondial des Vins Extrêmes 2017 results are already out and one of the wines of our Merum Priorati collection ‘Inici 2014’ has been awarded with a Gold Medal. This new recognition consolidates even more Pere Ventura FWE in the unique area of the Priorat wine region, Porrera.

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